20th Birthday Celebration for Andrews

24 February 2015

‘Andrews is so much better than anyone else’ and ‘Nothing is too much trouble for Andrews’ are wonderful comments shared by long-term customers of our local butcher shop.

So who better than a customer to say ‘thank you’ to our two Andy’s for taking excellent care of our meat needs for the past 20 years.

“On January 24th 1995 a new shop opened in Highworth. Not in itself a world shattering event but a significant improvement in the shopping facilities in Highworth.

A new butcher, some familiar faces, with a new format. Really great meat, locally-sourced, properly cared for, well-hung where necessary, and such excellent quality. Home-made sausages, home cured meats, home-cooked pies and home-made coleslaw soon became the norm. Well-hung game, venison, hare and rabbits, are a regular feature in season. And, on top of all of this, take-away sandwiches and rolls etc., prepared on the spot.

As a customer from, if not day one, certainly day two, I have rarely shopped anywhere else for my meat in the last twenty years. Why? First and foremost, really good quality meat and, but perhaps as important, the staff, who are considerate, kind, friendly, funny, and helpful. Shopping with the two Andy’s and their staff is always fun, bordering from time to time on the hilarious.

I can't imagine how much money they help raise for charities. There is always an appeal on the go which I know is always well supported by their very loyal customer base.

Going to Andrews Quality Meats can make your day a little more cheerful because you leave with a smile on your face and the prospect of good eating ahead. It's more of a club really. We trade friendly insults over the counter with our fellow customers and we come back again and again.”

Contact www.andrewsqualitymeatsltd.co.uk 01793 762085 16 High Street, Highworth, SN6 7AG


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